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If you're here, you already know that TurboHUD is an extensible user interface enhancement tool for Diablo 3. On this site, I specifically focus on quality-of-life enhancements that I have written to make the game more enjoyable for me to play.

How do I install TurboHUD plugins?

TurboHUD plugins are generally text files filled with C# programming code that is compiled by TurboHUD upon startup. They go into a subfolder in the TurboHUD \ plugins directory. Which subfolder depends on the namespace listed near or at the beginning of the file. 

Let's take the Inventory and Stash search plugin for example, if you open InventoryStashSearch.cs up in a text editor, the beginning will look something like this (in Notepad++):

The namespace Turbo.Plugins.Razor means that this file should go in the TurboHUD \ plugins \ Razor folder. If there is no Razor folder yet, create a new folder and name it Razor.

Will this plugin work with the current version of TurboHUD?

Most of the time plugins are compatible with the latest version of TurboHUD, even if they're quite old (years!). However, whenever TurboHUD's API version changes, there is a chance that the API changes will break some older plugins.

The good news is that usually these changes are minor and can be fixed with a little help from someone who knows how to write plugins and is familiar with what was changed. If you need help making an old plugin compatible with a newer TurboHUD API, it never hurts to ask any plugin writer first before giving up on it.

Currently, my plugins do not work with TurboHUD Lightning because their authors changed their API, removing functionality that my plugins use. I haven't ever used their application, so it would be difficult for me to test workarounds for that.

Where can I get TurboHUD?

TurboHUD Free is currently available for Diablo III v2.7.7.93903. Please note that I am not the author of TurboHUD Free, which is a spinoff of KillerJohn's and R-B's code base, I only write plugins for it.

Where else can I find TurboHUD plugins?

The Ownedcore TurboHUD forums, formerly the official home of TurboHUD when it was maintained by its author KillerJohn, is still the most comprehensive location to find plugins. Some prolific plugin authors have set up repositories for their work, such as:

I have a problem with getting TurboHUD plugins to work. How do I get help?

Your best bet is to post on the THud forums. If you know me from in-game, you can find me in my clan's Discord server and send me a private message.

If a plugin isn't functional, usually you will see an Exceptions! message at the bottom left corner of your screen. The exception messages are recorded in TurboHUD \ logs \ exceptions.txt, and that error information will usually be vital in troubleshooting your plugin issues.