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I'm a nobody gamer, with an appreciation for a well-thought-out UI, who has been haphazardly trying to figure out how to write TurboHUD plugins since 2019. I kept most of my work close to the vest for a long time, but I'm trying to share a little more now.

I am not affiliated with Activision, Blizzard Entertainment or RoS Bot.

This Site

This website was set up with the intention of having a place to better document features and changes of the TurboHUD plugins I've written. It is just a subset of the plugin ecosystem I run or have developed for others. My whole plugins loadout may be released as a single download for ease of use in the future, but for now, this piecemeal approach gives me more time to put together better supporting information for each plugin.

The design was inspired by the Launcher and the Lunafy (Lycoris Dark) theme. But I started with the default Notable template and painstakingly massaged it to look nothing like that ;)

I used the pagination javascript by Sora for the bottom page links, and Macy javascript for the masonry effect. Font Awesome worked like a charm for the icons.