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Armory Chat Command Inventory

Inventory and Stash Search

Made for the packrats among us, this plugin adds a chat command and enhances your stash search field to help you find your errant items. While your inventory window is open, type what you're looking for into your chat prompt. It will highlight matching items from your inventory, paperdoll, and stash as you're typing, and also summarize the locations where it found them.


  • It automatically starts searching as you type in your command in the chatbox or in the stash search field when the stash and/or inventory windows are open
  • The name of the item to find is case insensitive and can be a partial phrase
  • You can optionally specify legendary item quality (ancient, primal)
  • You can also search by item type (e.g. legendary gem, potion)
  • You can also search by set names for sets that don't have a common naming scheme (e.g. bastions of will, unhallowed essence, istvan's paired blades, gears of dreadlands)
  • It will search within item sockets, in case you are searching for socketed gems
  • You can put item links (shift clicking an item when the chat prompt is open) in your search, and it will extract the text name of the item (e.g. {{[Focus]}} becomes Focus)
  • You can filter legendary gem searches by its rank
  • You can filter item searches by stat type
  • (Experimental) It remembers the inventory and paperdoll of other characters you've logged into during that play session and will search that data as well for your query

Usage Examples

  • /s ancient focus → highlights all Ancient quality Focus rings
  • /s leg gem → highlights all legendary gems
  • /s ancient unhallowed → highlights all ancient quality items in the Unhallowed Essence set
  • /s eso → highlights all Esoteric Alteration gems, including ones socketed in jewelry
  • /s ^ron → highlights items whose name begins with "ron", such as Rondal's Locket
By request, I added the ability to refine your current character's search results with parameters. You can now search for item stat text with +stat name (partial match works), for example:
  • /s convention +area → highlights all Convention of Elements rings with the area damage stat
  • /s nem +int → highlights all Nemesis bracers with intelligence stat
  • /s ring +crit chance +cooldown → highlights all rings with both crit chance and cooldown stats (also matches "Bone Ringer" with the same stats)
You can now search for legendary gems of specific ranks (you can specify any rank number for the search), for example:
  • /s zei 150 → highlights Zei's Stone of Vengeance legendary gems that are leveled to rank 150
  • /s zei >100 → highlights all Zei's Stone of Vengeance legendary gems above rank 100
  • /s leg gem <123 → highlights all legendary gems below rank 123
These parameters work with both the chat command and stash search field.


You can specify your own the search command (default command is /s) by editing SearchCmd on line 207.

You can turn off the armory markers by setting the following properties to false:

To Do

Integration with the Chat Command System is forthcoming.

With the changes to TurboHUD, I want to fork a version of this plugin for Tier 3 licenses that can seamlessly record your items and their stats for persistent cross-character data.

Refining the distinction between seasonal, non-seasonal, hardcore, and softcore characters.

Armory searching, tagging, etc. could be separated into into its own plugin with a shared data pool.


Download - The search plugin code was last updated August 7, 2020, but supporting files have been updated to the current versions as of this post.

Extract the archive into your TurboHUD folder. The files in the zip archive should go in the following places:

TurboHUD \ plugins \ Razor \ InventoryStashSearch.cs
TurboHUD \ plugins \ Razor \ Click \ ClickEventHandler.cs
TurboHUD \ plugins \ Razor \ Click \ ILeftClickHandler.cs
TurboHUD \ plugins \ Razor \ Click \ IRightClickHandler.cs
TurboHUD \ plugins \ Razor \ Hotkey \ HotkeyEventHandler.cs
TurboHUD \ plugins \ Razor \ Hotkey \ IHotkeyEventHandler.cs

Then (re)start TurboHUD.

Works with Diablo 3 patch 2.7, TurboHUD v21.3.31.3, API v9.2


  1. Hello, Razer, any update for this plaguin since you made this change in menu plaguin?
    "If you are updating from a version of MenuPlugin from before February 17, 2022, please delete the \ Razor \ Click \ folder (it has been phased out)."

    1. I haven't tested it since I replaced my computer in mid-March, but it was working back then. There are a few minor updates I haven't gotten around to releasing for the Menu plugin system, but that shouldn't affect the ability of this plugin to function.

    2. Yep, seems like all good with click folder from this plugin.

  2. Needed a plugin that highlights selected items (possibly reading from a TXT list?) with a border on your inventory and can discriminate between Normal,, Ancient and Primal. For example I wanted to highlight every Ancient Focus and every Ancient Restraint ring so my list would have "Ancient Focus",, "Ancient Restraint" and when i picked them up they would have a yellow border in my inventory. Would also be nice if could add a border to their name on the ground and maybe minimap icons for the items on the list. This seems like something that would've been created before but there's nothing like it around.


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