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Buffs Monsters Movable Rift

Monster Counter

This plugin summarizes and tallies the debuff statuses and values of monsters nearby. Hovering over a status bar will highlight which monsters (of that same category - yellow, blue, or trash) on the screen do not have the status effect. It is inspired by SeaDragon's GLQ_MonstersCountPlugin, but with a different spin on displaying the data.

The debuff statuses tracked depend on what is currently available to your party, and the ones that are handled by the plugin are:

  • Witch Doctor - Locust
  • Witch Doctor - Haunt
  • Witch Doctor - Piranhas
  • Necromancer - Frailty
  • Necromancer - Leech
  • Necromancer - Decrepify
  • Necromancer - Krysbin
  • Bleeding
  • Demon Hunter - Marked For Death
  • Demon Hunter - Entangle
  • Strongarm
  • Barbarian - Falter
  • Wizard - Ignite


More debuff status checks can be added by defining new MonsterCounter.Countable rules, which work a lot like the UptimeRule from my old RunStats addon, UptimeHelper.

The count reflects the numbers for monsters within 50yds of your character, but there is an optional, configurable hotkey (Left Ctrl) to hold down to show the tallies around your mouse cursor instead. To change the distance it checks, edit the Distance value on line 54.

Because it is a Movable plugin, you can reposition it around the screen or toggle it off, but there is no option to resize it.


Put MonsterCounter.cs in your TurboHUD \ plugins \ Razor \ Monster folder. 

This plugin requires the Movable Plugin System to also be installed.

Last Updated Apr 23, 2021


April 23, 2021
  • updated Ignite rule check for Season 23
  • fixed some time alignment issues
  • split progress orb value for yellows (rares) from the monster kill value
  • show the total progress time value
  • show the progress time value only when in a greater rift
  • fixed a rounding error with the TimeSpan calculation
  • fixed the total progress values to include orphaned orbs
March 5, 2021
  • fixed progress time icon alignment when no blues (champions) are present

Works with Diablo 3 patch 2.7, TurboHUD v21.3.31.3, API v9.2