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Movable Necromancer Skills

Mage Gauge

For necromancer players, this shows a stack of duration countdown bars for each of your skeletal mages. Optionally, it also displays the resource spent to cast them, which may be useful if you're using the Singularity rune to gauge the relative strength of your current collection of mages. 

It also optionally shows damage multiplier labels at the mages' feet.


On line 36, set ShowMageCircles to true if you want a decorator drawn at the feet of your mages.

On line 37, Set ShowMageDamageMultiplierLabels to false if you want to turn off damage multiplier labels.

On line 35, Set ShowResourceSpentForSingularityOnly to false if you want to see essence bars for any type of skeletal mage cast.


Put MageGauge.cs into your TurboHUD \ plugins \ Razor folder. It requires the Movable Plugin System to also be installed.

Last Updated May 3, 2021


May 3, 2021

  • changed the essence display from showing essence level when cast to essence spent casting each mage
  • added an option to show essence bars only when using Skeletal Mage - Singularity (on by default)
  • updated mage count calculation to take into consideration dual sims
  • the mage count calculation now takes into consideration Simulacrum again - Haunted Visions doesn't doesn't seem to prevent simulacrums from duplicating Skeletal Mage casts
  • added check for updated Razeth's Volition legendary power
  • fixed issue from the race condition of reading the mage count from the buff before it was fully incremented

February 2, 2021

  • attempted to adjust the count for the new Haunted Visions power change
  • converted to use the Movable plugin system

May 18, 2019

  • Initial version

Works with Diablo 3 patch 2.7, TurboHUD v21.3.31.3, API v9.2


  1. @Razor hey razor i was wondering if you had any plans on making a plugin that shows how many Fire ALLY you have out... kind of like this plugin

    1. Good news, I already wrote something for tracking Mystic Allies. Bad news, I didn't release it yet because fire ally sometimes triggers weird behavior that I have to spend more time debugging. Since I've been working on Menu Plugin System updates, I haven't spent much time spent on that yet.

    2. OHHH!!! Nice, well, do take your time!!! Don't feel rushed or anything! WE all love the hard work you put in YOur plugins when you have time.

  2. inna 6set buff
    Which index should I refer to to know the MysticAlly retention time(15sec)?
    sno [449252]

    1. As far as I know, no buffs track the Mystic Ally times, unlike Skeletal Mage.

  3. thanks. I modified the internal cooldown of 'MysticAllly' to show roughly 15 seconds of internal cooldown with the "CloneTracker" plugin you made in the past, I think this will be very helpful for me to play.


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